allensdk.internal.api.queries.grid_data_api_prerelease module

class allensdk.internal.api.queries.grid_data_api_prerelease.GridDataApiPrerelease(storage_directories, resolution=None, base_uri=None)[source]

Bases: allensdk.api.queries.grid_data_api.GridDataApi

Client for retrieving prereleased mouse connectivity data from lims.

base_uri : string, optional

Does not affect pulling from lims.

file_name : string, optional

File name to save/read storage_directories dict. Passed to GridDataApiPrerelease constructor.

download_projection_grid_data(self, path, experiment_id, file_name)[source]

Copy data from path to file_name.

path : string

path to file in shared directory (copy source)

experiment_id : int

image series id.

file_name : string

path to file destination (copy target)

classmethod from_file_name(file_name, cache=True, **kwargs)[source]

Alternative constructor using cache path file_name.

file_name : string

Path where storage_directories will be saved.


Keyword arguments to be supplied to __init__

cls : instance of GridDataApiPrerelease