allensdk.config.model.description module

class allensdk.config.model.description.Description[source]

Bases: object

fix_unary_sections(self, section_names=None)[source]

Wrap section contents that don’t have the proper array surrounding them in an array.

section_names : list of strings, optional

Keys of sections that might not be in array form.


Check if anything is in the object.


true if is missing or empty

unpack(self, data, section=None)[source]

Read the manifest and other stand-alone configuration structure, or insert a configuration object into a section of an existing configuration.

data : dict

A configuration object including top level sections, or an configuration object to be placed within a section.

section : string, optional.

If this is present, place data within an existing section array.

unpack_manifest(self, data)[source]

Pull the manifest configuration section into a separate place.

data : dict

A configuration structure that still has a manifest section.

update_data(self, data, section=None)[source]

Merge configuration data possibly from multiple files.

data : dict

Configuration structure to add.

section : string, optional

What configuration section to read it into if the file does not specify.