allensdk.brain_observatory.sync_utilities package

Module contents

allensdk.brain_observatory.sync_utilities.get_synchronized_frame_times(session_sync_file: pathlib.Path, sync_line_label_keys: Tuple[str, ...], trim_after_spike: bool = True) → pandas.core.series.Series[source]

Get experimental frame times from an experiment session sync file.

session_sync_file : Path

Path to an ephys session sync file. The sync file contains rising/falling edges from a daq system which indicates when certain events occur (so they can be related to each other).

sync_line_label_keys : Tuple[str, …]

Line label keys to get times for. See class attributes of allensdk.brain_observatory.sync_dataset.Dataset for a listing of possible keys.

trim_after_spike : bool = True

If True, will call trim_discontiguous_times on the frame times before returning them, which will detect any spikes in the data and remove all elements for the list which come after the spike.


An array of times when frames for the eye tracking camera were acquired.

allensdk.brain_observatory.sync_utilities.trim_discontiguous_times(times, threshold=100)[source]