allensdk.brain_observatory.ecephys.file_io.continuous_file module

class allensdk.brain_observatory.ecephys.file_io.continuous_file.ContinuousFile(data_path, timestamps_path, total_num_channels=384, dtype=<class 'numpy.int16'>)[source]

Bases: object

Represents a continuous (.dat) file, and its associated timestamps


Returns the channel ordering for LFP data extracted from NPX files.


load(self, memmap=False, memmap_thresh=10000000000.0)[source]

Reads lfp data and timestamps from the filesystem

memmap : bool, optional
If True, the returned data array will be a memory map of the file on disk. Default is True.
memmap_thresh : float, optional
Files above this size in bytes will be memory-mapped, regardless of memmap setting