allensdk.brain_observatory.session_api_utils module

class allensdk.brain_observatory.session_api_utils.ParamsMixin(ignore: set = {'api'})[source]

Bases: object

This mixin adds parameter management functionality to the class it is mixed into.

This mixin expects that the class it is mixed into will have an __init__ with type annotated parameters. It also expects for the class to have semi-private attributes of the __init__ type annotated parameters.



# Managed params should be typed (with simple types if possible)! def __init__(self, param_to_ignore, a_param_1: int, a_param_2: float,

b_param_1: list):

# Parameters can be ignored by the mixin super().__init__(ignore={‘param_to_ignore’})

# Pay attention to the naming scheme! self._a_param_1 = a_param_1 self._a_param_2 = a_param_2 self._b_param_1 = b_param_1

After being mixed in, methods like ‘get_params’, ‘set_params’, ‘needs_data_refresh’, and ‘clear_updated_params’ will be available.

clear_updated_params(data_params: set)[source]

This method clears ‘updated params’ whose data have been updated

get_params() Dict[str, Any][source]

Get managed params and their values

needs_data_refresh(data_params: set) bool[source]

Check if specific params have been updated via set_params()


Set managed params

allensdk.brain_observatory.session_api_utils.is_equal(a: Any, b: Any) bool[source]

Function to deal with checking if two variables of possibly mixed types have the same value.

allensdk.brain_observatory.session_api_utils.sessions_are_equal(A, B, reraise=False, ignore_keys: Dict[str, Set[str]] | None = None, skip_fields: Iterable | None = None, test_methods=False) bool[source]

Check if two Session objects are equal (have same property and get method values).

ASession A

The first session to compare

BSession B

The second session to compare

reraisebool, optional

Whether to reraise when encountering an Assertion or AttributeError, by default False


Set of keys to ignore for property/method. Should be given as {property/method name: {field_to_ignore, …}, …}


Whether to test get methods


Do not compare these fields


Whether the two sessions are equal to one another.