Install Guide

This guide is a resource for using the Allen SDK package. It is maintained by the Allen Institute for Brain Science.


As of October 2019, we have dropped Python 2 support.

Quick Start

  1. Use a virtual environment, e.g Anaconda. After the installation is complete, open up a terminal (in Windows open Anaconda3 Command Prompt).

  2. Create a new conda environment and install the AllenSDK using pip

    conda create -n allensdk
    conda activate allensdk
    pip install allensdk
  3. Add conda env to ipykernel so that the notebook can use it

    pip install ipykernel
    python -m ipykernel install --user --name=allensdk
  4. Explore notebooks.

    Download one of our many notebooks to a new folder.

    In your terminal, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the Jupyter Notebook example and start jupyer notebook

    jupyter notebook

Other Distribution Formats

The Allen SDK is also available from the Github source repository.