allensdk.api.cloud_cache.file_attributes module

class allensdk.api.cloud_cache.file_attributes.CacheFileAttributes(url: str, version_id: str, file_hash: str, local_path: Path)[source]

Bases: object

This class will contain the attributes of a remotely stored file so that they can easily and consistently be passed around between the methods making up the remote file cache and manifest classes

url: str

The full URL of the remote file

version_id: str

A string specifying the version of the file (probably calculated by S3)

file_hash: str

The (hexadecimal) file hash of the file

local_path: pathlib.Path

The path to the location where the file’s local copy should be stored (probably computed by the Manifest class)

property file_hash: str
property local_path: Path
property url: str
property version_id: str