allensdk.api.queries.mouse_atlas_api module

class allensdk.api.queries.mouse_atlas_api.MouseAtlasApi(base_uri=None)[source]

Bases: allensdk.api.queries.reference_space_api.ReferenceSpaceApi, allensdk.api.queries.grid_data_api.GridDataApi

Downloads Mouse Brain Atlas grid data, reference volumes, and metadata.

download_expression_density(self, path, experiment_id)[source]
download_expression_energy(self, path, experiment_id)[source]
download_expression_intensity(self, path, experiment_id)[source]
get_genes(self, organism_ids=None, chromosome_ids=None, **kwargs)[source]

Download a list of genes

organism_ids : list of int, optional

Filter genes to those appearing in these organisms. Defaults to mouse (2).

chromosome_ids : list of int, optional

Filter genes to those appearing on these chromosomes. Defaults to all.

list of dict:

Each element is a gene record, with a nested chromosome record (also a dict).

get_section_data_sets(self, gene_ids=None, product_ids=None, **kwargs)[source]

Download a list of section data sets (experiments) from the Mouse Brain Atlas project.

gene_ids : list of int, optional

Filter results based on the genes whose expression was characterized in each experiment. Default is all.

product_ids : list of int, optional

Filter results to a subset of products. Default is the Mouse Brain Atlas.

list of dict :

Each element is a section data set record, with one or more gene records nested in a list.